Last week we started this mini-blog series about window trends. If you missed it, click here. This week we are talking about transom windows and black replacement windows. Although black replacement windows are the newer of the two, they show no signs of decreasing in popularity. If you’re considering new windows, here are some reasons to think about both these options.

Transom Windows

Last week we talked about the increasing popularity in large format windows. However, they can get expensive. One way to create the look of a large format window without the expense may be to put in a transom window. A transom window can open or not and goes just above the transom of the window or door frame below. They come in many styles and shapes. If you just want more light in a room, you can choose a simple style that doesn’t open. They can be installed with replacement windows or at any time.

If you’re looking for a transom window that opens, consider an awning style window. You can choose a long crank awning to open the window for increased air flow. Sliding windows may be an option too, depending on the height of the opening and whether you can reach to open them.

Black Replacement Windows

This is the hottest trend in replacement windows today. The trend started to take off with the growth of the farmhouse styling. Builders quickly realized that they work well for modern style homes. Homeowners replacing windows find that they can change the look of their home with just this one option.

You’ll find that they work on many style homes and just about any neutral. On the outside, they create a point of visual interest you just can get with a white or beige window. From inside the home, they add a modern flare. They also create a dynamic frame for your view.

Some manufacturers only offer all black windows, meaning both inside and outside, others offer black exterior with white or another neutral color inside. Depending on what you’re looking for in your replacement windows may determine the manufacturer and options available.

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