As an experienced local window company, we’ve seen a lot in our nearly 20 years in the remodeling industry. There are three window trends that continue to surprise us. Those are the explosion in requests for large windows, the continued popularity of transom windows, and black replacement window. All can change the look of a home. We thought we’d spend the next few blogs talking about trends in general, and, these specific ones.

Is it a Good Idea to Follow a Window Trend?

Yes and no. First, never follow any trend unless you really like it. After all, you’re the one who has to live with it until you either move or replace the item. When it comes to window trends, you also want to make sure that the trend suits the coloring and style of the home. For example, black replacement windows don’t work in all style or color homes. If your home’s color scheme is anything but a neutral (black/grey/white/tan), you likely won’t love the look of black window frames and trim. So, no matter the trend, consider how it’s going to look on and in your home with its current styling.

Large Format Windows

Over the past decade or so technology advances in both materials and manufacturing techniques have led to the availability of affordable large format replacement windows. Previously, if you wanted a large window, your builder or local window company would install several, usually three or five single- or double-hung windows to create a window large in appearance. Now, you can have a large sliding window or picture window with little interruption in your view. Large format casement windows are available too, but you will have two or more portions that open. It depends on the manufacturer and line as to what is available.

If you can’t find a window that’s as big as the opening you’d like, you have two options. One is directly related to the continued growing trend of transom windows and the other another option to consider is a sliding glass door. We’ll talk more about transom windows in our next blog so stay tuned. Sliding glass doors are a great option when you want to connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces. With so many people entertaining outside more than ever before, adding a sliding glass door is a great solution, especially if you’re looking to enhance your view along with air flow. Sliding glass doors are also available in larger sizes than ever before.

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