In our final blog of the mini-series featuring window materials, today we’re covering vinyl. (If you missed the first two parts, click here and here.) We’ve written many blogs that address common questions, pros and cons about vinyl windows. They’re the most common new construction and replacement window material. In addition to the wide variety of color choices, styles and options, the biggest advantage they offer to many homeowners is their affordability. But, let’s look beyond price as some of the advantages of vinyl windows.

The Trifecta

If you throw out price considerations and are flexible on window style and color, you may wonder what’s left. The three elements where vinyl windows are highly rated are:

  • Energy Efficiency – there is little heat (or cold) transference with vinyl windows, so the frame and sash add to the overall window’s energy efficiency.
  • Durability – They don’t rot; quality ones won’t fade and hail won’t dent them.
  • Low Maintenance – They never need to be painted. The only maintenance you’ll need to do is keep them well sealed and clean.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Choose Vinyl Windows?

Some people have had bad experiences with vinyl. For example, older, especially recycled vinyl windows, have had issues with sagging or warping.  The key is to choose quality windows. Virgin vinyl windows are more resistant to fading and other issues than recycled vinyl.

Another reason some people consider other materials is because once you choose a vinyl window color, that’s the color of the window. You can’t effectively paint them and could actually damage them if you try. Some also don’t care for the plain looking frame when compared to wood windows.

What is the Right Window Material?

That depends greatly on your home’s style, what you want out of your new windows and your budget. The goal of the team at Affordable Replacement Window Systems is that we help you find the right windows for you. We take a consultative approach and because we’re an independent window company, we’ll never push one brand or model window. You can count on us to listen and ask questions to help us help you find new windows that you’ll love for years to come. Call or text us at (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form for your free in-home consultation.

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