Last week we started our mini-blog series about different replacement window materials. In that we talked about the common options and went into some detail about wood and aluminum replacement windows. Today, we’re going to go in depth about fiberglass and clad windows. Remember, we’re assuming that all the windows have the same energy-efficiency. And, just for simplicity, when we refer to replacement windows, we’re referring to double hung windows with Low-E glass.

Fiberglass Windows

Not all window manufacturers make fiberglass replacement windows. That’s because they’re a higher price point than aluminum and vinyl and that means fewer people consider them. They do have several benefits. First, unlike aluminum, they don’t have much heat transference. They also are stronger than vinyl windows and don’t warp like wood may. Although they can be painted, the manufacturer does apply a finish at the factory that should last for years to come.

These are considered one of the lower maintenance option windows. They are highly rated in extreme heat which the DFW metro often has. And because of their construction, they can look more like wood windows than vinyl and because they are less expensive than wood windows, they are a good option for many.

Clad Windows

Sometimes also referred to as wood clad windows. The goal is to provide a homeowner with a wood window inside their home but a more durable, lower maintenance material outside. There are three options:

  • Aluminum-clad windows which are durable, but like aluminum windows, have a higher heat transference than other options.
  • Fiberglass-clad windows are both low maintenance and durable. They’re excellent insulators and because they can be painted, offer flexibility and low maintenance if you choose not to paint them.
  • Vinyl-clad windows are the most popular because of their lower cost and low maintenance. They’re relatively durable and good insulators. Just be sure to choose a high-quality vinyl-clad window as it will last significantly longer than a cheap one.

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