If you’ve recently come to the conclusion it’s time for new siding, you may have many questions. Siding replacement isn’t something many homeowners have ever been through before so they don’t know a lot about it. We’ve put together some of the most common questions we get from homeowners just like you in an attempt to help you.

What’s the Best Type of New Siding?

The primary types of siding today are wood, vinyl and fiber cement. Although aluminum siding was once a common option, it’s not today. Most homeowners choose either fiber cement or vinyl siding. In our area fiber cement siding often wins out because of its many benefits. However, it is a bit more expensive than vinyl.

How Long Will My Replacement Siding Last?

Again, that depend on what you choose. Vinyl siding typically lasts 20 – 40 years. Fiber cement siding can last 50 or more. No matter what you choose, chances are good you’ll no longer own the home by the time it needs new siding again.

Can New Siding Help My Home’s Energy Efficiency?

Yes and no. Some siding has built-in insulation while other products don’t. However, during the siding replacement process we’ll install an insulative house wrap that will increase your home’s energy efficiency.

What Product is Maintenance Free?

Sadly, there is no maintenance free siding product. Vinyl siding will require pressure washing regularly but will never need sanding or painting. Fiber cement siding only needs painting after about 15 years when you choose a product that’s pre-finished.

I Have an Insurance Claim, Do I Have to Get the Same Type of Siding?

One of the downsides of vinyl siding is that it’s easily damaged by hail and wind. If you have a storm damage claim and are replacing your siding, you don’t have to get the same color, style or brand. You can choose to upgrade to fiber cement siding; however, your insurance will only the amount that vinyl siding would have cost. On a positive note, you should see a decrease in your premiums if you choose to switch to fiber cement siding because it’s not only hail resistant, but also significantly more fire resistant and pest resistant than vinyl.

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