window treatments for new windows

Cellular Shades with top down privacy fabric and blackout curtains.

Whether your windows are new because you’ve recently moved into a home or you’ve had replacement windows installed, it’s never easy choosing the right window treatments. Curtains, blinds, plantation shutters, and shades are expensive so when you make the choice, it’s one you’ll likely stick with for a long time. So how do you choose the right product, color, and style for your home? Here are tips that might help.

Formal Versus Informal

Formal rooms lend themselves to formal window dressings. Curtains are generally a more formal option. The style of curtain depends on how much light you still want to come into the room and if you every plan on closing them. Some people never want to close the curtain so they install what amounts to a decorative valance and drape. Plantation shutters can also be formal. One of the benefits of plantation shutters is that you can completely close them for privacy and to keep light out.

Blinds and shades are less formal options for any room. Today’s blinds come in many different colors and sizes allowing you to create just the right style in any room. Some cellular shades (the ones that look like a honeycomb) have the option of opening from the top down and bottom up. This is a great way to let in light and have privacy too. Blinds and shades can, of course, be paired with curtains to create your own style with the right amount of privacy or darkness you prefer.

Final Considerations

As you make your final decisions as to what type of window treatment is right for you replacement windows, keep in mind these keys:

  1. The darker the treatment, the smaller the room will feel.
  2. Heavier fabric makes for a more formal feel and can overpower a small space.
  3. More fabric (whether couches, rugs, or curtains) creates better acoustics in a room.
  4. If you can’t easily reach the top of the window, don’t waste your money on top down cellular shades.

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