Last week we provided some window cleaning tips. If you actually decide it was time to clean your windows and noticed that your screens aren’t in great shape, you may be wondering what to do about that. Although, as a replacement window company, we don’t normally replace window screens, we can help you understand the differences and what you can do about yours.

Screen Cleaning

The best way to clean your window screens is to do so with them out of the window. Ideally, you’ll want a sunny day because that will help them dry fastest. Mix about ¼ cup dish soap and a half gallon of water and scrub each screen gently with a soft bristle brush. Once you’ve scrubbed it, spray with water to rinse. You can either lean them against a wall or lay them flat to dry. It’s really that simple. The key is not to use too much pressure or you’ll end up pushing the screen itself out or bending the frame.

Replacing the Screens

Here’s where the major differences in window screens comes into consideration. I think we can all agree that as Texans, we’d never want to choose anything other than a screen that’s classified as an insect screen. That basically means the holes are small enough to keep most pests out. Window screens come in several colors, although we recommend charcoal as it’s easiest to see out of.

In addition to the screen, you’ll also need the right size spline (that’s the rubber you see around the screen frame that holds the screen in), a spline tool, scissors, and a utility knife. We recommend you take a piece of the spline from your window to your home improvement store as it comes in various sizes and choosing the wrong one will not yield the results you want. Once you have the tools and materials, we suggest watching a few YouTube videos to get an idea of different methods and find one you’re comfortable with and give it a try. You may end up having to re-do it a few times before you find the method that works best for you.

Of course, if your screens are missing or the frame is badly damaged, you can buy an entire new window screen at your local home improvement store. If you’ve recently had a replacement window company replace your windows, call them first to ask about replacement screens.

Do You Need New Windows?

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