window condensation

Window condensation happens at some point in every home but it doesn’t always have to. There are ways you can cut down on the condensation and you should. Condensation can lead to bubbling paint and warped window sills over time. In addition to the damage it may do, it’s just annoying when you want to see out your windows and can’t.

Condensation can occur on the inside of the glass, outside, and between the panes. There is little that can be done about condensation between your window panes other than to get replacement windows. If your windows regularly have condensation on the outside one solution is to use Rain X to coat the window. You may find this temporarily solves the problem. Of course, you can always wait until the sun warms the window and the moisture evaporates.

Moisture Inside

Although in extreme cases the only option is to purchase a dehumidifier, here are some things to try first that may lessen or eliminate window condensation.

  • Use the bathroom fan every time you shower. This helps the warm moist air leave the bathroom before it has time to settle on the windows.
  • Move plants away from windows. Plants release moisture into the air so several together close to a window may cause that window to have condensation.
  • Check your weather stripping and caulk. If your windows aren’t properly sealed, you’re more prone to condensation.
  • Open the windows. If the temperature outside allows for it, opening the windows can balance the humidity levels between the inside and outside which is a leading cause of condensation.
  • Turn on the HVAC fan. Sometimes turning the fan on to circulate the air in your home can help with condensation.

Older windows are more prone to condensation because they aren’t well sealed or their seals have worn out. This is one reason that condensation or moisture between window panes is a sign you need replacement windows. If your windows are drafty, have condensation often, or just don’t work the way they once did, consider a quote for new windows. Affordable Replacement Window Systems doesn’t have gimmicks or hours long presentations, just straightforward, affordable pricing for new windows. Call to schedule your free estimate today (817) 264-6509.

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