As your home ages, you begin looking at replacing things. You may start with smaller things like a new dishwasher, but eventually you’ll need to replace your siding, roofing and windows. When you are looking at new windows, don’t make these common window buying mistakes.

Sacrificing Energy Efficiency for a Small Savings

New windows, whether for a new construction home or replacement windows, are rated by an impartial organization called the National Fenestration Rating Council® or NFRC. They’re the ones who created the sticker you see on each window. Make sure the ones you’re choosing are ENERGY STAR® rated for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area. You will see a difference in your heating and cooling costs when you choose the right window.

Choose What You Want – Not Necessarily What You Have

One of the biggest window buying mistakes that homeowners make is more of a regret. They think that just because they have one type of window, that’s what they have to choose as they replace their windows. However, you can change your windows completely. If you have single hung windows, which are most common, you can replace with double hung, sliding, or casement windows. If you have a picture window that you always wished would open, talk to your window company about their recommendations for what you want.

Not Calling Multiple Replacement Window Companies

Many of the national replacement window companies advertise on television. Some regularly send mailers. However, there are countless window companies in the DFW metro area. When you call more than one window replacement company, or an independent company who offers more than one brand, you’ll be better able to compare features, functionality and pricing.

We also think that another of the common window buying mistakes is not calling us. Affordable Replacement Window Systems offers multiple brands of windows. All the manufacturers we work with offer ENERGY STAR windows rated for the greater Arlington area; many are even made locally in the Dallas suburbs. Call or text us today to schedule your free window consultation and quote at (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form.

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