Most homeowners look at window and door replacement because they need new ones and don’t think much about the return on investment associated with the end result. However, you might want to know the return you may see if you sell your home before you make your final decisions on materials. Of course, new windows and doors provides instant improvement in your home’s curb appeal. Choosing the right new windows and doors may also increase your home’s energy efficiency and security.

ROI if New Windows

It should be no surprise to you that your new windows won’t bring 100% return. According to the 2019 Cost Vs. Value report from Hanley Woods, vinyl replacement windows provide an average return in the DFW area of 69%. Return on investment for wood windows is slightly higher at just over 76%. This doesn’t mean you have to replace your windows with wood, it just means if you go to sell your home you may not see the same return on vinyl windows that you would have seen if they were wood.

ROI of an Entry Door

Although there was a time when replacing your old door with a steel entry door gave a positive return, more homes today have high quality fiberglass and wood entry doors so a steel entry door is only providing about an 85% return today. However, if you’re looking at a new door, the bigger return comes in security and energy efficiency. And, there’s nothing like the peace of mind a secure entry door can give you and your family.

It’s Still Worth it to Replace Your Doors and Windows

Don’t make your choice for window and door replacement solely on the return they might bring if you sell your property. Market conditions change. What every prospective buyer wants varies and one may see vinyl as a better option due to lower maintenance than another who prefers wood. Make a choice that suits your needs and desires and looks great on your home. That’s what buyers want most – a great looking property.

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