If you’ve realized it’s time for new windows, don’t think that you have to get the same kind of windows you’ve always had. In fact, choosing double hung replacement windows are a popular choice for most homeowners for several reasons.

What is a Double Hung Window?

Most homes have single hung windows. That means the bottom sash opens upward. Depending on the age and type of window, it may tilt in for easy cleaning. A double hung window has two sashes. The one on the bottom opens toward the top and the one on the top pulls down. Most double hung replacement windows sashes both tilt in for easy cleaning.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

The benefit many homeowners appreciate is the fact they don’t have to hire a window cleaning company to clean their window’s exteriors. They don’t even have to remove the screens to clean them. This saves time and money. Having tilt-in window sashes are a big convenience.

Another benefit is air circulation. If you have a room with just one window, you can open both sashes slightly and allow for the air to come in and move out. You’ll appreciate this benefit especially on breezy fall and spring days.

If safety is your concern, a double hung window has two benefits. First, if you have a second floor and small children, you can keep their bedroom windows open, by lowering the top sash, without worrying about them falling out. And, if you want to leave your first-floor windows open, it’s much harder for a burglar to climb in through an open top sash than an open lower one.

Affordable Replacement Windows Can Help

We offer several brands of quality double hung replacement windows for your home. There are many options of interior and exterior colors as well as mutin styles. Let one of our experts help you choose the best double hung replacement windows for your home. Our estimates are always free and we stand behind our work. If you are also considering new siding, ask about combining your siding and window installation as you will see considerable savings by doing them at the same time. Call (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form today.

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