You’ll see many claims from many manufacturers that their products are the best replacement windows. However, that’s not a claim that can easily be substantiated. As an experienced window company, we do have some tips that will help you find the best replacement windows for your home and budget. And some tips on how to avoid poor quality ones.

Quality Windows Require Exceptional Manufacturing

Because most homeowners choose vinyl windows, we’re going to focus on the best vinyl windows. As you look at various brands, check the following:

  • That they use virgin vinyl – although the concept of a window made with recycled material is a nice idea, it’s not a good idea. Recycled vinyl windows are more prone to fading and other issues.
  • The frames and sashes have welded corners – you want your windows to stay true and welded corners are stronger which keeps them square.
  • An insulated frame – sometimes a manufacturer will say they have warm edge spacers which is similar, this will help increase your home’s energy efficiency.

A Full Coverage Warranty

Like most warranties, a window warranty will, at a minimum, protect you against defects in the manufacturing of the window. However, the best replacement windows also have warranties that cover against fading or discoloration. They will also have a clause regarding the window’s integrity so that if the window seal fails, you will get a replacement sash.

Features & Options You Want

Because widow replacement isn’t something you want to do more than once, make sure you choose the windows with the features and options you want. Because that can be different for every homeowner, everyone may have a different opinion of which brand is truly the best.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems Offers Several High-Quality Brands

As an independent window company, we offer windows from several manufacturers. We’ll help you find the best replacement windows for your needs, wants and budget. All the brands we sell and install are made with virgin vinyl, have welded and insulated frames and exceptional warranties. Call or text us today for your free quote – (817) 264-6509.

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