Black vinyl windows continue to grow in popularity. They’re common in both new construction and for replacement windows. And, although it’s surprising to many, they work with a variety of style homes. However great they look on the outside of a home, not everyone wants black windows inside. So, how do you decide if you want to go all black or just black outside? Here are some things to consider.

Look at Your Home – Inside & Out

Black vinyl windows aren’t ideal for every home. Some styles, like modern and farmhouse, are better suited to black windows. You’ll also want to look at the color of the other elements on your home like the siding, trim and garage door. Does black work with what you have or are you considering new siding as well.

Although you want to consider your style inside the home too, that’s not as big a considering. Black windows can act as a frame for the view outside. Some homeowners feel that their new black vinyl windows are barely noticeable. You don’t need to repaint the trim around the windows or change your décor.

Understand There is a Price Difference

Because white windows are the most common, they’re also the most readily available and cheapest option. Although more manufacturers are making black vinyl windows, they’re still more limited in style and availability. And, because they’re a hot trend, manufacturers know that homeowners will pay more for the latest trend than the old style. We can caution you that its worth paying a bit more for a quality black vinyl window than a cheap black window as you’ll enjoy truer color much longer.

Choose What You Love – Not the Latest Trend

We like to remind homeowners that new windows, whatever color, are an investment. Most replacement windows last 20 years or more so the windows you choose for your home are likely the last windows you’ll buy. That means you should choose what you love, not what’s popular. For some homeowners, that is black both inside and outside. For others it’s only black on the outside. And many homeowners, after looking at other homes with black windows, choose a more traditional color.

Let Affordable Replacement Window Systems Help You

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