When you begin looking at replacement windows for your home, you’ll see lots of terms in promotional materials. Some of those things we’ve discussed in other blogs like the information on the window’s rating. Other things include the window’s construction material and type of glass and fill. One thing that is only highly talked about in well-made replacement window is the window sash. But what exactly is a window sash and why does it matter?

In its most basic terms, it’s the part of the window that moves and holds the glass in the frame. That means some windows have one sash, while others have two. For example, the most popular replacement window today – the double hung window, has two sashes because both the upper and lower window panel move. Like the double hung, some sliding windows have one and others have two sashes, it just depends on whether both panes move or only one. Casement, awning, and single hung windows only have one.

Why is the Sash so Important?

There are a few reasons people replace their windows. One is when their windows fail to open or stay open. Usually this failure has something to do with a less than quality window sash. Another reason is condensation and water or air leakage. Both are often the result of cheaply made windows. If you want a more secure window, you want one with a good sash. Cheap windows sashes can easily be removed by a burglar and put back in once they’ve taken what they wanted without breaking the glass.

How to Find a Window with a Quality Sash

The key is in the construction of the window. One great example is the Presidential Series from NTwindow®. The frames are welded, rather than screwed together and have the option of a foam fill. A welded frame stands up better to repeated opening and closing and is more energy-efficient than a frame that’s just screwed together.

Another feature you’ll want to look for is the lock mechanism. Whether your window has two sashes or one, you’ll want a quality lock or locks. Lastly find out if the window has any weather stripping which is another great line of defense against drafts.

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