As a replacement window company, we often talk to the homeowners about custom replacement windows. A common response we get is, “No, we’re just looking at standard windows, we don’t need custom replacement windows.” Then we go on to explain that although when your home was built, it may have had a standard window installation, the size and shape of the window opening can change slightly over time. And, the original window may not have been standard to begin with. With a custom replacement window, you get a better fit which equates to better energy efficiency.

Some Window Standards Do Exist

However, with all that being said, there are some “standards” that most architects apply when designing a home. For example, window height is based on the height of the ceiling. So, it’s common for a home with eight-foot ceilings to have windows that are 48”tall. A home with nine- or ten-foot ceilings often has windows 60”in height. However, there isn’t truly a standard window height. Recently we’ve seen many homes with nine- or ten-foot ceilings utilize a 48” window but install a transom window above.

Positioning of Windows

If you look at the outside of any home, chances are good that even if the windows are different widths, they all start at the same place on that floor and are the same height. This creates a more pleasing aesthetic. When you’re inside the room, the windows are often about two feet from the floor to the bottom of the window. However, if you’re custom building or remodeling, you may want to consider another height if you know that furniture goes in front of the window. We’ve worked with homeowners who have lowered the windows for their pets to see out. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your budget, however, most windows are about two feet from the floor.

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