We’ve talked in previous blogs about how new windows in Arlington make your home more comfortable all year long. Of course, they also save you on heating and cooling costs. Even though it’s been dreadfully hot this summer, you probable can remember your home being chilly over the winter months. If you’d like a more comfortable home and to save on your heating costs, now is the time to call for new windows before winter.

But It’s Only July!

True, it’s July and although some companies offer promotions like Christmas in July or clearance sales for new models, when it comes to new windows, it takes time. Your window company will come to your home, learn what you want with your new windows – material, style, color, features and any energy goals. They’ll recommend windows that will suit your needs and then they’ll provide you with a quote. If you’re a smart consumer, you’ll probably get a few quotes for your new windows in Arlington, compare them and then decide which to purchase.

Manufacturing Takes Time

Rarely are stock windows the right option. If you chose a custom window, the manufacturer has to make them to size for your home. Most manufacturers have about a six-week lead time for custom replacement windows. Once your windows arrive to your window company, they must inspect them and schedule your installation, which may add several weeks to the process.

However, Installation Itself Takes Just a Day or Two

Let’s say you call us for a free estimate the first week of August and you make a decision by mid-August. Once we receive your deposit, we can order your windows – by now it’s nearly the end of August. It will likely be early October before we receive your new windows. Typically, we are on about a two-week lead time for installations so we should have you on the schedule by mid to late October depending on your availability. The good news is that we will only need a day or two to install your new windows. And, we only remove a window or two at a time so your home isn’t exposed to the elements for more than a few minutes per window.

Call Today for New Windows Before Winter!

If your goal is new windows in Arlington or any of the areas we serve before the holidays and before winter, now is the time to call Affordable Replacement Window Systems for your free quote. We offer several brands of windows in all styles and colors with many options. Call or text us today at (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form.

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