So, you’re finally looking at new windows for your home. Have you looked at the warranties with those new windows and thought, “Wow, a lifetime warranty, what could be better?” Understanding what a window warranty is and what it really covers is important and something that, unfortunately, many homeowners don’t understand.

Defining “Lifetime”

Most window companies offer a lifetime warranty. When you read the fine print, they define how long they expect the new windows to last as the lifetime. It doesn’t mean your lifetime or the life of the home and it doesn’t cover everything. It covers the window against manufacturing defects. For some manufacturers it means the window won’t fail or break under normal operating conditions. This is meant to protect you and the window manufacturer.

Did Your Miss the Word Limited?

If you read the verbiage carefully, you’ll likely find the word limited in front of lifetime. That’s because the window manufacturers only cover certain things in their warranty. Most warranties cover the replacement parts but not the labor needed to install those parts. It also may include an inspection at your cost to determine if the issue is indeed a manufacturing problem. Along with a limited lifetime warranty, you may learn it’s actually a pro-rated warranty so the coverage goes down as the window ages.

Guarantees Come from the Installer

If you’re working with a window installer who isn’t the manufacturer, you’ll want to ask about the workmanship guarantee. That’s coverage from the window company for the work they do. For example, if you find a window is leaking, you might have a problem with the installation, not the window itself. You also want to make sure that the installer you’ve chosen can sell and install the windows in a manner where the manufacturer honors their warranty.

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