According to the weather forecast, we’re finally going to have a break from the heat this weekend. With temperatures in the low 80’s you have the perfect opportunity to go outside and inspect your windows. September and October are traditionally two of our wetter months and you want to take steps to prevent a costly window leak. It only takes a few minutes to check your windows and if you find you need a minor repair, there are many helpful tutorials online. If you think there is a more serious issue, you might want to call a window replacement company.

How to Inspect your Windows

There are a few elements to look at on windows and not all apply to all windows. Depending on the age and construction of yours, you may not find all these to look at. From inside your home you want to look at each window and put gentle pressure on the frame to make sure they’re firmly affixed to your home. Next, ask these questions at each window.

  • Is there condensation between windows panes? If so, this indicated a broken seal. You’ll want to contact your window company’s warranty department or a window replacement company.
  • Can I open and close each window? Many homeowners mistakenly paint their windows shut. If you can open your window but it won’t stay open, there is likely some mechanical issues inside. It may be covered by a warranty or it may be time for new windows. Also make sure the lock works on each window.
  • Does the window sill have bubbling paint or obvious signs of water intrusion? This indicates a water leak. There are many reasons, clogged weep holes, failing caulk (or in older windows, the window glazing), or even an issue with the window’s installation.

After you’ve completed an interior inspection, you’ll want to head outside. Look at the window glazing, caulk, and edges of the window. If they look like they are failing or could stand to be replaced, there are many videos on YouTube that give easy instructions about re-caulking your windows and applying new window glazing.

Of course, keeping water out while letting light in are the main purpose of your windows. However, if they’re also letting a lot of hot (or cold) air in, you might want to consider contacting a window replacement company like Affordable Replacement Window Systems for an estimate on new energy efficient windows. Today’s windows look great and are better sealed than older windows. We offer free estimates and can help you with many financing options. Call (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form to schedule your appointment.

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