You may not have an idea about how old your windows are, but age isn’t the sole reason to replace your windows. New windows bring many benefits and knowing when it’s time to call window company helps you make the right decision regarding replacement. If you don’t know anything about your windows, look for these signs that it’s time for new residential windows.

Poor Operation

Even though there aren’t many times throughout the year that we want to have open windows, you should still be able to open yours and have them stay open. Being able to open them is key in case of an emergency. They should also close tightly to keep weather and pests out. Poor operation is perhaps the biggest reason you should consider new residential windows.

Leaks & Condensation

Windows have a few purposes. Two of the main ones are to let light in and keep weather out. When your windows are constantly filled with condensation between the panes of glass, you don’t get the natural light you want. When they actually let water in, that’s an even bigger problem. Call a local window company if you have either of these two issues.

Decay & Damage

Wood windows that aren’t perfectly maintained will decay. Many old inexpensive windows have plastic locks. Often sun exposure weakens the locks and leads to them breaking. Sometimes the locks on tilt in windows (that keep them in their frame) break and either no longer open or don’t stay closed. Both these issues can lead to an insecure window.

Increasing Energy Bills

As your windows fail they become less energy efficient. If you stand next to your windows and feel the heat coming in in the summer, your windows aren’t likely energy efficient. On a chilly day if you stand next to your windows and feel the cold coming in, chances are good that your window’s aren’t energy efficient.  One of the biggest reasons homeowners choose new residential windows is to increase their home’s energy efficiency.

New windows will be more energy efficient and secure. You’ll also find that with Low-E glass, you’ll have less fading of furnishing and carpets. If you’re looking for new residential windows, call Affordable Replacement Window Systems at (817) 264-6509 or text us now by clicking on the button.

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