We often remind our customers of several DIY projects they should be doing in their home. Things like keeping their windows caulked and replacing weather stripping around their doors. However, one thing we never recommend is DIY replacement windows. Although you may look at the price tag of a replacement window at a big box store and a quote for window from a replacement window company and think it’s a good idea to do it yourself, it’s likely not.

Proper Window Replacement Takes Time, Tools & Skill

When we come to replace your windows, we do it right. As the manufacturer recommends. We also do more than just replace the window. First, we properly remove your old window taking care to not damage your moulding, siding or the window frame itself. Then we inspect the window frame for water, and pest damage or signs of settling that may need attention. We will advise you of what we see and make any necessary repair that will ensure your new window has a tight fit so it stays where it should. We have the tools and training to do it properly and stand behind our installation.

You’ll Get the Full Manufacturer’s Warranty

Even if you buy windows at a big box store and the sales person tells you about the warranty, read the fine print. Many manufactures only honor their warranty when the window is installed by a professional window installer. That’s part of the reason that the big box stores partner with window companies to handle their installations. Can you imagine your frustration if you find that your windows have a manufacturing issue but because you chose a DIY window replacement you’re not covered? Don’t take the risk.

Quality Windows & Quality Installation Saves You Money

Although not always the case, some manufacturers don’t offer their best window lines to the general public. They only offer their highest quality products to window companies who have the training to install their windows properly. This is because they want to protect their brand’s reputation. They know that when properly installed, their windows perform better and last longer. And, when a window is properly installed, it can offer the best energy efficiency.

Call Affordable Replacement Window Systems for Your New Windows

Although we’re not a cheap as a DIY window replacement, we offer quality affordable replacement windows to homeowners throughout the DFW metro area. Our window installations come with full manufacturer’s warranty as well as our installation guarantee. Call or text us today at (817) 264-6509 for your free estimate.

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