Have you been putting off calling a siding installation company because you’re not ready to face the stress? There are four things you can do to help make the installation of your new siding virtually stress-free. Of course, using the right siding installation company is the best first step but beyond that, here are some tips from our team.

1.      Verify the Details

When you review the final contract, look at the details. Makes sure the siding installation company specifies the scope of work and the color and brand product you’ve requested. Make sure that they’re going to fix any structural damage they find when they remove your old siding  When your project starts off right, there’s less stress.

2.      Understand the Timeline

Of course, certain weather events can impact the timeline as well as delays from the suppliers, however, your siding installation company should be able to tell you how many days they’ll be on site and stick to that plan. When you know what to expect is always a good thing.

3.      Communicate

Make sure your neighbors know what’s going on. Letting them know well ahead of time can lessen complaints and their stress. Also make sure your contractor understands any regulations in the community about working hours and parking.

4.      Have a Plan for Pets

Siding installation is noisy. It also takes time. If you have high anxiety pets or are home all day and don’t want to listen to Spot barking all day, schedule a few days at doggie day care or see if a friend can keep them during the installation. Even if they’re not bothered by strangers, remember that your siding installers will be in and out of your yard and may not always be able to close the gate.

If you want a siding installation company with experience, call Affordable Replacement Window Systems. We use James Hardie Siding products and always communicate throughout the process. We want to be the siding company you love and trust and tell your friends and neighbors about. Fill out our contact form or call (817) 264-6509 for your free estimate today.

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