Wood windows are classic and timeless. There are many reasons some people love them and reasons that homeowners look to replace wood windows just want to replace them with anything else. We’ve put together a few reasons you may want wood windows and some that reasons you might not.

Why Wood Windows

Wood windows are the original window material. They’re timeless and look great. You can paint or stain them any color you want and even change the color without great expense. If you have a historic home, wood windows are one of the two best options if you want to keep your home’s style authentic. New wood windows are quite energy efficient as wood is a poor conductor of heat so you don’t have the issue of transference with the window frame like you may with aluminum windows.

However, They Have Many More Reasons People Don’t Want Them

We replace wood windows with vinyl windows more than any other type of window material. Although wood windows have a few things going for them, they’re not great replacement windows. Homeowners looking to replace wood windows often choose another material for their for one of these reasons:

  • Maintenance – Remember how we said you can change the color of the window without significant investment? We meant financial investment. Even repainting the windows the same color takes significant work. And, if you don’t keep them well maintained, they’re likely to rot, warp or otherwise sustain damage sooner than they should.
  • Cost – Wood windows are among your more expensive options when it comes to replacement windows.
  • Pests – Termites and other pests love wood windows and because they’re not hidden by anything. They’re easily accessible so they are one of their first targets.

For some homeowners the limited styles are another drawback. Most window manufacturers make picture windows and single and double-hung windows. Some have a few other styles but those are very limited.

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