This is a very common questions homeowners ask themselves all the time. There’s not easy answer, but there are a few questions you can answer that will help you know if now is the time to replace your windows. If you answer yes to even one of these questions, you should call a replacement window company for a free replacement window quote.

1.     Are My Windows Unsafe?

There are many definitions of unsafe. If your windows are not firmly in their frames, they’re unsafe. Windows that don’t stay open when you lift them up are also unsafe as they can fall and hurt a person or fall and shatter leaving a mess. Windows, especially those on upper floors, that no longer lock are unsafe for children who may lift the window and lean and fall out. Unsafe windows are a sign that your windows should be replaced.

2.     Do My Windows Leak?

Sometimes a window leak can be stopped by re-caulking them. Other times the frames are cracked or the window sash no longer seals tightly against the frame. If you can re-caulk them, try that, however, if water still comes in, call a window company for a free replacement window quote.

3.     Are My Windows Costing Me?

There are two costs you may experience with old windows. One is repair costs. If you’re constantly calling a company to repair yours, you might want to evaluate whether new windows would be a better option than another repair. Another way your windows cost you is in energy loss. Older windows aren’t as energy efficient as new windows. You may see a savings of up to $400 a year when you replace your old windows with new energy efficient ones. Lastly, old windows without Low-E glass allow UV rays into your home. This leads to fading of furniture, flooring and drapes. If you feel you need to replace things because they’re always fading, maybe it’s time for new windows.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems always provides a free replacement window quote. We’ll work with you to find a window that fits within your budget. Because we’re an independent window company, we offer several brands of replacement windows so you can always find a style you love. Call or text us today at (817) 264-6509 for your free replacement window quote.

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