Buying replacement windows isn’t like buying a roll of paper towels to clean the windows. There are so many replacement window options that you may feel overwhelmed after talking to just one window company. Those options range from frame material and color to how many panes of glass and what’s between each pane. Once you decide on a frame material, you’ll still have many choices. If you’re having trouble understanding all the options, here are some tips that may help.

Double or Triple Pane Glass

One of the most oversold replacement `window options is triple pane windows. The sales person may tell you that their triple pane windows provide a certain increase in energy efficiency. However, in the Metroplex, where it rarely gets very cold for very long, you’re not going to see the energy savings like someone much further north. The biggest benefit of triple pane windows is that there is less condensation on the windows which happens in colder climates. You probably don’t need triple pane windows.

Air Filled or Gas Filled

Argon and Krypton are the two most common gas fills for windows. They both increase the energy efficiency of the window. However, with the price usually doubling, it’s probably not worth the additional energy savings unless you have an unlimited budget. Compare the energy rating of the window your considering with both air and gas fills and the price differences and you’ll likely find that it’s not significant enough to warrant going with a gas fill. It is common for the gas to slowly dissipate out over time, estimates state about .5% per year.

Glass Options

The glass itself has a few options. Although nearly all replacement windows come with Low-E glass standard, you will want to look at other replacement window options from the vendor you’re considering. One of the best ones is adding factory tinting, especially on a window that is too high for curtains or that the sun shines right in that’s bothered you for years. If you’re replacing a window in a bathroom, you can opt for privacy glass. Other options include impact resistance and added Low-E coatings. Depending on the direction your home faces and the windows you’re replacing, you may want to consider one or both of these options.

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