Most of the homeowners we talk to about new siding benefits understand how it will make their home look better. Some even ask about its return on investment. However, few understand that there are many benefits of new siding other than increased ROI and appearance. Here are a few that you may not yet have considered.

Lower Maintenance

Depending on your homes current exterior, you may find that new siding lowers your maintenance. For homeowners with a wood or stucco exterior, this is the most enjoyed of new siding benefits. Whether you choose fiber cement or vinyl siding, you’ll have little maintenance other than the occasional rinse with a hose for many years to come.

Reduced Heating & Cooling Bills

There are two reasons why new siding can decrease your utility costs. One is that old siding is often poorly attached which allows for drafts and heat loss. The other is that few older siding products were installed with an insulative house wrap. When we install new siding, we can increase your home’s energy efficiency by installing this layer of insulation. With the better insulation, your home is also more comfortable as its less drafty.

Peace & Quiet

One of the most surprising of siding benefits that homeowners report back to us is that their home is much quieter. There are two possible reasons. First, insulation provides both weather and sound insulation which helps reduce outside noise from getting into your home. Second, older, poorly affixed siding often rattles or moves in the wind. Which leads to more noise in your home.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems Installs New Siding Too!

Although we’re best known as a window company, we as sell and install new fiber cement and vinyl siding to homes throughout the greater Arlington metro area. Our professionals will help you choose the right style, material and color for your home and budget. Let us talk to you about the siding benefits we expect you’ll see by calling or texting (817) 264-6509 today.

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