Admittedly, tax credits shouldn’t be the reason you replace your windows or do any other home improvement, however, if you did replace them or plan on doing so this year, take advantage of the programs in place. Depending upon where you live in the Dallas Metroplex and your power company, you may be entitled to some incentives. Before you make your purchase, make sure talk to your replacement window company and you know what you are buying qualifies. Unfortunately, the federal credits no longer exist.


ENERGY STAR® Replacement Windows & Doors

Just about all programs that offer home improvement incentives require that your windows be ENERGY STAR® rated. If you’re looking for replacement windows from a home improvement store, most will have the ENERGY STAR® logo on the window’s label. If you’re working with a replacement window company, ask them which windows in their offering qualify. Of course, you’ll benefit with energy savings from your new windows when you choose ENERGY STAR® rated windows.

Not all doors qualify in all programs but if your door is a sliding glass door, it may qualify as well. Check the details of the program in your area to be sure the door you’re considering replacing does so.

Caulk and Weather Stripping

Some programs even credit you for new caulk and weather stripping. Deteriorating caulk contributes to drafty windows. When the caulk around your windows isn’t in good condition it also allows warm air in. Even if you’re not interested in a credit, check your caulk and make sure it’s in good condition and you’ll save on heating and cooling costs.

Weather stripping is the seal around your entry doors. Good functioning weather stripping provides a better seal keeping out water, pests, and better insulating the area. If you feel hot air around your door, you likely need new weather stripping. Your home improvement store sells easy to install weather stripping, just know the measurement of your door before you go.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems Can Help

We offer several lines of ENERGY STAR® qualified replacement windows. When you purchase your windows from us, we will provide you with any paperwork required by the program you’re interested in using. Here is a link to search for programs in your area. Our free no-pressure consultation can be done in the comfort of your home. Call (817) 264-6509 today.


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