custom vinyl replacement windowsIf your home has their original windows and they’re wood or aluminum, it may be time to replace them. As your home ages different parts need to be replaced to protect your home and windows are one of them. Just because your home had wood or aluminum windows originally doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same type of windows. Custom vinyl replacement windows are a great option for any home. Here are five reasons you should replace your old windows.

1.      Energy-Efficiency

Older windows are often single pane. Single pane windows are significantly less energy efficient than double or triple pane. You may also notice that your older windows no longer fit in the frame opening as well as they once did requiring more caulk to seal them each year. Another place that energy can leak out of your home are through cracked window frames.

2.      It Leaks

This may be the most obvious of reasons. If your windows let in water and it’s not because they need to be resealed, you need new windows. Water not only comes into your home but can get in between your walls and cause damage to your walls, floors, crawlspace. Insulation that has been exposed to water becomes less effective.

3.      Maintenance

If you’re tired of scraping, sanding, and painting your windows, you might want to consider custom vinyl replacement windows. If you’re concerned that you can’t get truly custom vinyl replacement windows in any color, you may be surprised to know that some manufacturers, like NT Windows, offer color match services.

4.      No Longer Functions as it Should

We’ve seen a variety of issues with all types of older windows. Wood windows often don’t open easily or close properly. Aluminum windows don’t stay open or the locks no longer work. If your window doesn’t open and stay open, doesn’t close or lock, you should consider replacement windows.

5.      Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

This is rarely the primary reason homeowners choose to get custom vinyl replacement windows but they can make a difference in how your home looks. If you’ve changed the exterior of your home, new windows in a better coordinating color can make a huge difference in your home’s appearance.

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