Windows and siding are two of the most common things people replace on their home’s exterior. Often siding is replaced because a homeowner is tired of maintenance or they want a fresh new look for their home. The most common reason for a window replacement is for more energy efficient windows. Whatever your reasons for your exterior home improvements, you should consider replacing your windows and siding together.

It’s Less Expensive Overall

There are a few reasons the cost is less. First, any exterior home improvement company calculates their time on site as part of their quote. When you replace your windows and siding together, they spend less total time than when replacing one at a time. The second reason it’s cheaper is because instead of using replacement windows, you can use new construction windows. New construction windows can also be installed when the siding is removed from the home’s exterior. New construction windows are cheaper than equivalent energy rated replacement style windows.

Damage Can be Fully Seen & Repaired

Sometimes the reason a homeowner replaces their windows or siding is because of water damage. You can’t always see the full extent of the damage when just removing the siding or the windows. If you choose to do both simultaneously, all the damage, moldy or mildewed wood can be removed and replaced. You may save money with the repairs because you won’t have to remove one or the other at a later date to make additional repairs.

Easier Process

Most homeowners loathe dealing with contractors. When you choose a company who offers both window and siding replacement, you’ll have just one company to deal with. Most of the time, that means one point of contact for scheduling and for questions. It’s much easier to only have your life disrupted one time for a joint installation than to figure out what to do with the pets and kids during two different renovations. Plus, in the event you end up with an issue with either your windows or siding, you’ll have just one company to call. Sometimes contractors will try to blame one another for issues you’re experiencing.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems offers both window and siding replacement. Our expert installers know how to handle a complete home exterior makeover with our quality products. And, although we’re known for affordable windows, we also offer affordable siding services. Call us today at (817) 264-6509 for your free estimate.

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