new bay windowsBay windows haven’t always had the best reputation. When they’re not properly installed they leak. If they’re older, chances are good that they’re just a pane of glass which often means they let in a lot of hot air in the summer and cool air in the winter. However, if you’re considering a home renovation or replacing your current windows, you may want to talk with your remodeling or window company about new bay windows. Here are four reasons why.

1.      They Look Great

From the inside and outside they add visual interest. From inside your home you can have more space. Depending on the size and how you configure your new bay windows, you can have a reading bench, additional floor space, or a place for plants or other décor. From the outside of your home, you’ll find greater visual interests and dimension.

2.      More Light

One of the greatest assets for any room is the natural light. When you replace a single hung widow with new bay windows, you’ll see a vast difference in the amount of natural light. With a large picture window in the center you’ll have the illusion of the outside coming into the home, making for an even brighter and bigger feeling room.

3.      Better Ventilation

Although we don’t keep our windows open all that often in Texas, when we do it’s great to have a breeze. Because of the design of bay windows, even if your room only has the bay window, you can have cross ventilation, especially when you choose casement windows for the side windows.

4.      Increased Home Value

Of course, anytime you replace old windows with new energy-efficient windows, you increase your home’s value. However, new bay windows add a new architectural element and new space to the home increasing the home’s value. Even if you’re not selling your home today, adding a new bay window will benefit you when it comes time to sell.

Of course, like any other home improvement, it won’t benefit you if you don’t have the right company install your new windows. Affordable Replacement Window Systems has the knowledge and experience to install new bay windows in your home. Of course, if you already have a bay window and want to replace it with energy-efficient windows, we can help with that too. Call (817) 264-6509 today to schedule your no obligation consultation.


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