If your reason for new windows is that you want a more comfortable and energy efficient home, choosing a replacement window company to install them is important. It’s essential that that company knows what it’s doing and provides you with the highest quality installation of your new windows. Don’t be afraid to ask your window company about their installation experience.

Do They Have Manufacturer Training?

Although not all manufacturers offer in-person training, many have videos and installation manuals. If you’re looking at a specific brand of windows, make sure the company you’re considering hiring has experience with that brand and the style window you want. Choosing an untrained or inexperienced window company will not provide you with quality window installation.

Ask About the Installation Team

When you’re speaking with the replacement window company about the installation, find out about the install team. Are they all employees? Do they have the experience necessary to get the job done right? With the increase in window replacement in recent years, there are more companies vying for the same few trained and experienced installers.

Watch Out for Extremely Low Per Window Prices

Although some window companies have legitimate promotions, most of the time the price is hidden somewhere else. For example, if you’re looking at a replacement window and the price is half that of any of the other companies, there’s likely something that window company is not disclosing. Are they going to charge per window for installation? Do they not haul away and dispose of your old windows? A good rule with any home improvement is to throw out the lowest (and highest) estimates and choose a company who provides a fair and detailed estimate.

Quality Products & Installation

Choosing to pay a bit more for a quality product and quality installation when it comes to replacement windows is a good idea. After all, you want the windows to last, look great and protect your home from the elements. It may be tempting to spend less, you don’t want to go through this process again before your replacement windows pay for themselves.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems is proud to offer some of the highest quality replacement windows from companies like NT Windows and MI Windows. Our crews have the necessary training and experience to do the job right so you love your new windows. We’re not always the cheapest but we’re fair and accurate and our quotes include everything from removing and hauling away your old windows to the complete installation of your new ones. Call or text us today for your free in-home estimate at (817) 264-6509.

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