There are hundreds of window companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Even more if you count all the roofers and remodelers who also offer replacement windows. However, many of these companies count on the fact that you’re either swayed by their sales pitch and national brand recognition or that you’ve never replaced windows before and will simply sign their contract.

There Are Many Quality Brand Replacement Windows

Most of the homeowners we speak with ask about the brands we carry before even making an appointment. Our two biggest sellers are MI and NT Windows. Neither have the national recognition that some brands, however, both are great highly-rated national brands. Both have factories locally in the Dallas suburbs. We’ve chosen these brands because they are of such high quality and made in the U.S. And, more importantly to many homeowners, they’re affordable windows when compared to some of the nationally advertised window manufacturers.


We’ve dedicated many articles to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) window ratings because that’s the only way to compare energy efficiency of windows. You should never try to compare windows with different ratings because the more energy efficient a window, the more it costs in many cases. This can be due to the structural differences or things like a third pane of glass or a gas fill.

Many affordable windows from brands like NT and MI Windows & Doors have similar options to national brands. They offer gas fills, dual and triple-pane as well as many cosmetic options like window grids and hardware. Of course, you can choose from single and double hung, sliding, casement and other window styles. However, the most important factor is what they’re made from and how they’re made. These are two other reasons we trust and sell NT Windows products and products from MI Windows & Doors.

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We’ll never give you a high-pressure sales pitch or take hours of your day with a long presentation. It’s our goal to provide you with clear answers to your questions and guidance for the best brand, style and options for your needs and budget. Our name, Affordable Replacement Window Systems speaks to what we do, install affordable windows. Call or text us today at (817) 264-6509 for your appointment and free estimate.

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