Home maintenance isn’t at the top of anyone’s list of favorite things to do, however, if you create a list of things that you should do each quarter, the tasks are less daunting. Some of the things you need to do for good home maintenance is simply make a few phone calls. Other times, you just need to perform a visual inspection and then you can decide if you’re going to do the work or call a contractor. Here are things you should add to your calendar for the first two quarters this year. Next week’s blog will cover the third and fourth quarters.

Q1 – January – March

Because of our relatively mild climate, we don’t have to worry about many of the things other parts of the country do. However, on that next cold and windy day, walk around inside your home and see how your windows and doors are doing. Do they keep the cold out or do you feel the breeze right through them? If you do, you might need to check the caulk inside and outside to make sure that they’re well sealed. If they are, it might be time to call a window company for a replacement window estimate.

On a windy day you can also listen to see if you have loose siding. Walking around your home and seeing if yours is moving is also a good idea. You may need siding repair if it is loose. If your home feels drafty, perhaps its time for new siding.

Don’t forget to check and then change your home’s air filters. Remember that daylight savings is no longer conveniently 6 months apart so figure out when you last changed your smoke alarm batteries and if it’s been more than six months, change them and then put a reminder on your calendar. Lastly, if you’ve not yet checked that your gutters are clean, do so before the rain really starts. If they need cleaning, take care of that or call a gutter cleaning company.

Q2 – April – June

Because our wettest month is May and the temperatures start to rise, you’ll want to focus on your roof, siding and windows – the things that keep the water out of your home and your HVAC. By the end of April, you’ll want to have a call in to your HVAC company for an air conditioning tune up. It can make a difference in how long your units last and how energy efficiently they operate.

Start the quarter by making sure your gutters are clean and windows are sealed if you didn’t get around to that in the first quarter. Plus, you should visually inspect your roof and if you see anything like misaligned or missing shingles, call your roofer for an inspection and repair.

This is also the time of year many homeowners call for a replacement window estimate. They hope to have their new windows installed before it gets too hot so they can start saving money and have a more comfortable home. If it’s on your list of to-dos, call a window company as soon as you think you might be interested to get your replacement window estimate so you can make a decision and get on their schedule.

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