We understand your concerns about the Coronavirus and self-isolating to avoid becoming sick. You may wonder about window replacement estimates and installation and how much contact we need to have with you. We decided to clear up a few things about our process so you can feel comfortable about getting a siding or window replacement estimate for your home.

1.      Window Replacement Estimates Are Done Outside

It surprises many people when we don’t need to come in the home for the estimate. There are a few reasons. First, they know that some window companies have an hour or more long presentation about their windows. We know our customers will likely have done some research before calling us and have an idea what they want. Of course, we’ll answer your questions throughout the process (now we do this from a safe distance or on the phone).

Second, we’ll measure the windows from the outside. We don’t have to take measurements inside. Last, we’ll email you a quote when we have completed it. And, if you choose to get new windows, you can sign it and email it back to us or call and we’ll come pick it up.

2.      Your Window Installation Will be in About a Month

Our detailed replacement window estimates include the brand, line and options you want for your replacement windows. When you sign the contract and provide a deposit, we then order the materials. Depending on how long it takes for the manufacturer to complete your order and how busy we are, installation will be schedule anywhere from about three to five weeks out. Even if you order today, chances are very good that by the time the windows arrive and we schedule your installation we’ll be out of the self-isolation period.

3.      Our Installation Teams are Small

Depending on the size of your home we will send either one or two teams to complete the job. That means no more than four people will be in your home. We are happy to take whatever precautions you request including washing our hands upon arrival and wearing masks. You can be assured that we don’t allow our staff to work if they have any symptoms or have been around anyone who has been ill.

We Offer Financing

If it’s not COVID-19 that’s preventing you from calling us for a window replacement estimate, but rather money, we offer several financing options. The most popular option currently is 18 months no interest financing through Synchrony Financial.

We understand your hesitation to call for a replacement window estimate during the pandemic, but we want to reassure you that not only are we taking full measure to protect our customers, but also our staff. After all, we don’t want to take it home to our families either. Siding estimates are similar as we don’t need to come inside at all – even for installation. We’re ready to help you with new windows for your home, so call or text us today at (817) 264-6509 and we’ll have a phone consultation or stand outside your home to discuss your needs.

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