Whether you’re looking to mix brick or stone with siding or just siding, you want to do it in a way that makes your home look great. Today’s siding comes in many different color and style options beyond the traditional lap style siding. Choosing to mix styles and colors gives your home a distinctive modern look, but if you do it the wrong way, you won’t love the results. Here are some ideas to consider before making your final choice.

Mixing Siding Types

The home’s style and other exterior elements need to be considered before you mix textures. For example, a home that is primarily stone or brick but has only a small amount of siding shouldn’t have different siding styles. You can choose lap, vertical or a decorative siding style, like shake, but you shouldn’t choose more than one so you don’t make the exterior too busy.

If your home only has siding, look at adding vertical siding to your gables. It elongates the home and draws the eye up. Cedar shake can be another way to make your home stand out. Add it to a dormer or other area that you want to catch the eye for visual interest. Another option is mixing different width boards. It’s a trend but one that seems to have staying power.

Coordinating Colors

Perhaps different siding types doesn’t appeal to you. If that’s the case but you want to make your home stand out, consider coordinating colors. We’ve seen this work in a variety of ways. Consider using a different color on a bump out or dormer. You can also add different colors to gables. Of course, there’s no rule that says you can’t have both coordinating colors and mix different types. In fact, that’s done more than any other combination.

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