Admittedly, Marvin Windows aren’t the primary replacement windows we offer. However, they are great windows and we do sell and install many. In fact, the majority of black replacement windows we’ve recently installed have been from Marvin.

Quality & Exceptional Energy Efficiency

One of the reasons Marvin Windows aren’t our top selling brand is that they’re among the more expensive windows we offer. Their high quality and Limited Warranty are just two reasons that they cost more than other similar windows. They’re made to resist expansion and contraction due to temperature changes which is why they’re strong and long lasting. Of course, like other window manufacturers whose products we sell and install, they offer ENERGY STAR® rated windows.

Essential, Elevate and Signature

The three series of windows we offer from Marvin all come in many styles and sizes. Like most replacement windows, we can custom order just the sizes you need for your home for a perfect fit. Here are a few highlights about each of these lines from Marvin Windows:

  • Essential Series – These fiberglass windows are virtually maintenance free. They come in six exterior colors and three interior colors including black for both interior and exterior. There are multiple hardware and glass options to choose from plus six designs for your grilles which are between the glass.
  • Elevate Series – With fiberglass frames, these windows have the same strength and durability as the Essentials series. They also come in the same six exterior color options. However, they have two wood finish options for the interior along with white and black. There are nine glass options that can be paired with grilles between the glass, simulated divided light grilles or simulated divided lite with spacer bars.
  • Signature Series – The Signature Series comes in two lines; Signature Ultimate and Signature Modern. Between these two lines, you can find just about any style and color window. These are the most custom windows from Marvin. Their biggest differences are that Ultimate are wood and Modern are fiberglass.

Affordable Replacement Windows Can Help

We understand that replacing windows is often a once in a lifetime task. Because of that, not many buyers have experience. That’s why we offer our no pressure consultations. You take the lead and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll then guide you to windows that come in the styles or color you’re interested in (including black replacement windows) and find one that fits your budget from Marvin or another manufacturer. Call or text Affordable Replacement Windows for your free, no obligation consultation for replacement windows today – (817) 264-6509.

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