If you’re investing in replacement windows, the only option for your glass you should consider is “low emissivity glass” also known as Low-E glass replacement windows. In the DFW Metro area, we spend a lot of money on air conditioning. Older windows are a big source of energy loss. If you’re going to spend the money on new windows, not only are Low-E glass replacement windows the best option, but should be the only ones you consider.

What is Low-E Glass & What are the Benefits?

During the window manufacturing process, a thin but transparent coating is added to the glass. This coating reflects up to 96% of the heat. This coating reduces the ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) light that comes through the glass while still allowing visible light through. That means you still get plenty of natural light in the home without the heat associated with sunlight in the summer.

In addition to how it helps keep your home cooler, it also prevents fading of carpets and furnishings. Just know that Low-E glass isn’t tinted glass, it’s going to look clear and if you want a window with less visible light, you’ll want to compare the VT listing on the various windows you’re comparing. One more benefit – the glass also acts as an insulator in the winter when you’re heating your home reflecting it back rather than letting it escape.

My Windows Are Good, Do I Really Need to Replace Them?

Since the late 80’s nearly all double pane windows manufactured were Low-E glass replacement windows. However, if your windows are energy efficient and aren’t Low-E glass, you can still have the benefits in a few ways. One is to speak with a window film installation company. They can coat your windows with a clear film that provides the same benefits as Low-E glass. If you don’t want window film, consider low-E storm windows.

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