We know one of the biggest searches when it comes to replacement windows is the phrase, “affordable windows near me.” We often come up. Partially because of our name and partially because we truly offer affordable windows. Here are some things you should know when you compare window quotes.

Understand the National Fenestration Rating Counsel Rating

The NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Counsel) independently rates the energy efficiency of windows. They also rate the amount of light the windows let in and air leakage. This allows you to compare those affordable windows against each other and see if one has better energy efficiency than another. The NFRC does not rate the manufacturer, quality or warranty of the windows.

Look at the Materials and Manufacturing Process

Because the search “affordable windows near me” will give you lots of results, make sure you’re finding quality affordable windows. Here are the things to compare between the windows you’re considering:

  • Virgin vinyl – if you’re choosing vinyl replacement windows, don’t settle for recycled vinyl. They won’t last as long as virgin vinyl windows.
  • Welded corners – this helps keep your windows square and gives them increased strength which means they’ll last longer.
  • Warm edge spacers or insulated frame – different manufacturers use different terms, however, the goal of either is to help insulate the frame. Afterall, chances are good one of the reasons you want new windows is to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Window Warranty

In our last blog we talked a bit about window warranties and what they really mean. Things to look for are coverage of the window integrity so that if you end up with condensation between the panes, your window can be replaced. Also look for a clause that warranties against fading or discoloration. Most window warranties cover the manufacturer of the windows themselves against defect, but if you’re looking at a cheap window, verify coverage.

Let Affordable Replacement Window Systems Provide You a Free Quote

Your search for “affordable windows near me” doesn’t have to be hard, just call us. We service the greater Arlington, TX area and sell only quality brands of new and replacement windows. Call or text us at (817) 264-6509 for your free quote. Quality and affordable windows do exist, but only when you call the right company.


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