Although we’re not a window maintenance company, we know you want your windows to last as long as possible. You also want them to protect your home from the elements and operate as energy efficiently as they were intended to. That means even after your window company installs them, you need to perform occasional maintenance. Fall is a great time to check your windows and perform that maintenance.

What to Look For

Because we’re in a milder climate than much of the country, we’re coming up on the time of year where we may open our windows. For that reason, you should start by checking on your window screens. If they have rips or aren’t properly installed, fix them or buy new screens. Also clean the space between the window and screen. When you open your windows, anything that’s there can get in your home (including bugs).

Also check the caulk around the window. When your window company installed your windows, they placed a continuous line of caulk. However, especially with our long hot summers, the caulk will deteriorate over time. Windows exposed to sunlight direct sunlight have faster deterioration. If it appears cracked or is not a clean continuous strip around your windows, you need to replace it. There are many easy to follow instructions online on how to do it and you only need a few affordable tools. Of course, many handyman services perform window maintenance so you can also call one of those companies.

Finally, check the weather stripping around your windows. If it’s hanging off or missing, replace it. Although not all windows have weather stripping, if yours does and it’s missing, your window will leak air which makes it less energy efficient. (Remember, your doors have weather stripping too and now is a great time to check that and replace it too.)

Is It Time for New Windows?

Perhaps as you’re checking your windows you’re noticing that the frames are cracked or the sashes are bowed. If that’s the case, you likely need to call a window company. Affordable Replacement Window Systems offers free estimates for replacement windows. We offer high quality, affordable windows from U.S. manufacturers, many right here in the greater Dallas – Fort Worth area. Call or text us today for your free replacement window quote – (817) 264-6509.

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