As you’re remodeling your home or even building a custom home, one of the decisions you’ll have to make is the type of window. Sadly, many replacement window companies just assume people want single hung windows because they’re the most budget friendly. However, that might not be the best option for your home. Here are some tips that may help you choose the ideal windows for your home.

Homes with Kids

Although the age of the kids matters, if you have a home with small children, but like to have the windows open from time to time, single hung windows are your worst choice. We’ve all seen videos or heard news reports of children falling out of open second story windows. The best option to avoid this is a double hung window. That way you can open the top sash while leaving the lower sash securely shut. Air circulates but your kids are safe.

Ways to Keep Your View

If you have an incredible view you’d like to keep as much of as possible, consider sliding windows. They give you the most uninterrupted view of any window style that opens and closes. Many replacement window companies will even recommend avoiding using window grids to really maximize the view. If you don’t care for a sliding window, another option is a casement window, however, remember that the screens are inside with these windows.

Hard to Reach Windows

If you have windows that are above your sink, stove, or a built in, consider casement windows. The hand crank allows you to easily open and close them without needing to climb on a stepstool. They’re a great option for narrow space.

Yes, You Can Mix Your Window Styles

Don’t feel like you have to choose only one type of window style. You may have a few places in your home where a sliding window doesn’t make sense but you still want it to open, so choose a casement window. Or, you may want double hung windows upstairs in your home but don’t see the benefit of having them on the first floor. It’s ok to choose both single and double hung windows as they’ll look the same, but single hung windows are less expensive than double hung.

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