home improvement ROIMaybe you’re not planning on selling your home any time soon but wonder if one home improvement is better than others are. Entry doors, replacement windows, and new siding are among some of the best investments in your home when it comes to ROI. We understand that any savvy homeowner will argue that we can only prove the ROI when the home sells. No argument there, but we also know that as long as you own and live in the home, you reap the energy savings and security benefits.

Fiber Cement Siding ROI

Choosing to replace your dated vinyl siding with James Hardie Fiber Cement siding is an investment in your home in several ways. On our siding page we discuss the many benefits of James Hardie products including its ability to stand up to the Texas sun, pests, and hail. It looks fantastic which improves your home’s curb appeal. Lastly, it provides better insulative value which lowers your heating and cooling costs.

ROI in the Dallas Metro area according to Remodeling’s 2016 data, is 65% for any type of siding replacement. Unfortunately, the 2016 data didn’t break down the difference between vinyl replacement siding and fiber cement siding as they did in previous years. In the 2015 report, fiber cement siding ROI was 81%. A significant difference and a reason you may want to consider fiber cement over vinyl replacement siding.

Entry Doors

Depending who built your home and when it was built, your front entry door may be wood, fiberglass, or steel. If you want a new look for your home a new entry door is a fairly inexpensive and easy upgrade. New entry doors have an ROI of between 66 %and 75% depending upon the material you choose. Fiberglass is the most common material for entry doors and provides a good balance of ROI and energy efficiency. If security is your main concern, consider steel and a reinforced lock and door jam.

Replacement Windows

Some window replacement companies will try to sell you on the ROI of new windows. In reality, because most homeowners choose vinyl the ROI is around 60%. A better reason for installing new windows in your home is because of failing windows or the desire for a more energy efficient home. New windows have other benefits such as better function, security, and increased curb appeal.

No matter they type of home improvement you’re considering, ROI shouldn’t be the first or only reason to consider the improvement. There are many other reasons to invest in fiber cement siding, replacement windows, or a new entry door. The team at Affordable Replacement Window Systems is happy to answer questions about your project and provide you with estimates for our home improvement services just give us a call at (817) 264-6509.

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