In a previous blog, we discussed the difference in the gas fill options for windows, but what about the glass surrounding the gas itself? There are a few different options of glass beyond double and triple pane, which are self-explanatory. Although different manufacturers may have slightly different names for their glass options, they all fall into just a few categories.

Single, Double, Triple-Plane Glass

triple pane replacement windowThese are exactly what they sound like, between one and three layers of glass with or without any specialized coatings. Single pane is only recommended for non-heated areas like a garage or shed as they are not very energy efficient. Double and triple panes are more expensive but provide better insulation and therefor are more energy efficient. Today’s standard is the double pane window with Low-E coating to prevent UV rays from entering your home.

Laminated Glass

Think of how a window in a car shatters but holds together upon impact. This is one place you will always find laminated glass. One benefit of selecting laminated glass windows is that it holds together upon impact. Another benefit is noise reduction over a comparable standard double or triple pane window. Laminated glass is much more insulative and it blocks up to 99% of UV rays.

Impact Glass

There are a few instances where makes a big difference. It’s often used in hurricane prone areas to protect those inside. Another reason a homeowner might choose impact glass is to prevent a break-in. It is practically impossible to breach a home through the windows with impact glass.

obscured glass replacement windowObscured Glass

There are many names for this type of glass and it’s most often used when you want light in but privacy without window treatments. Some manufacturers offer patterns or designs but the overall purpose remains the same with any style. This choice is most common in bathrooms.

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