gas filled windowsMost new windows are double or triple pane and many have the option to be filled with a gas of some sort. You may be wondering if the expense is worth it or if it’s a gimmick to get you to spend more money. Here are some interesting facts about the different gases you can choose for your new windows.


The most common gas between panes is Argon. Argon is an inert gas found in our atmosphere. When your windows are filled with Argon, there is a slightly higher efficiency rating of the window. Because Argon is more dense than air, it does a better job of insulating your home than a regular double pane window. There is an increased cost of argon filled windows so you will need to determine if the increased cost is going to result in enough energy savings to justify the cost.


This is another common fill for the space between the window panes. Krypton is denser than air and Argon so it provides a higher level of insulation. It is also more expensive. Few homeowners will see a good return by choosing Krypton filled windows over Argon although it is still a popular option. Some window manufactures offer an Argon/Krypton mixture. Obviously, this has insulative benefits but also an increased cost.

What’s the Best Option?

The best option is to choose a window with Low-E glass as that actually does more to increase energy efficiency than any fill. The fills simply boost the savings a bit more. Look at the window stickers and compare the ratings. If the benefits of the specialty gas filled increases your energy consumption and the increased cost is worth it to you, then it’s the right fill for you. If you need some help understanding the window stickers, check out our previous blog.

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