window repair from foundation issues Your windows may be one of the first ways you learn you have a foundation issue. If your windows fail to close properly or if you see cracks from the corners outward, you may have a foundation problem. Assuming the foundation issue was minor and repaired by a professional foundation repair company, your other repair issues should also be minor.


Inspecting Your Windows after Foundation Repair

Once your foundation repair company confirms that the home’s structural stability, you need to address other issues caused by the foundation damage fixed. When it comes to your windows, if the damage was minor and aesthetic, you should be able to perform the repairs yourself or hire a handyman. Minor aesthetic issues include small cracks around the windows and missing or torn caulk. As longs as your windows feel secure in their frame and open and close properly, chances are good you or a handyman can take care of your necessary repairs.

If your windows rattle in the frame or don’t open properly or close securely, you should contact a window repair company. Sometimes the repair may entail removing the window, fixing the studs that the frame attaches to, and reinstalling the window. If you’ve recently installed replacement windows, inquire about warranty coverage regarding your issues. Severe damage can mean damage to the frame itself, perhaps even beyond repair. If you find yourself in this position, contact a replacement window company like Affordable Replacement Window Systems.

Insurance Coverage

Depending upon your insurance and the cause of the foundation issue, you may have a claim that will include replacement windows. The only windows covered by a claim would be the ones directly impacted by the foundation failure. If the issue occurs while your home has a builder warranty and the foundation issue is their fault, your builder should cover the window replacement as well.

After foundation repair, hire a home inspector to inspect your entire home. If the foundation damage was severe enough your windows may not stand up against heavy winds or even someone leaning against them while looking around. Don’t let a foundation issue cause further harm to your home or family member. Have your windows inspected once the repairs are completed and invest in new windows or window repair as necessary. Affordable Replacement Window Systems can replace your windows and will provide you with the necessary paperwork for your insurance company if you have a claim. Let us help you today by calling us at (817) 264-6509.

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