There are a lot of questions as to what the best window is for any particular homeowner. A lot comes down to the home’s style, window openings and preference. We’re seeing the most debate between double hung replacement windows and sliding replacement windows so we thought we’d compare and contrast the two. If you’re trying to decide between these two styles, here is what you should know.


Although they don’t look at all the same, there are some similarities. Let’s assume that we’re talking about ENERGY STAR® rated windows in both cases so we don’t have to discuss efficiency in either window style.

The biggest similarity is that both windows can provide greater air flow. This assumes that you choose a sliding replacement window that allows each sash to slide. Although we don’t have our windows open much of the year in Arlington, when we do, feeling the cooler breeze is a nice benefit. Another similarity is in the price. Because they both have more moving parts than a single hung window, they’re more expensive. However, they’re fairly   comparable in price.


The biggest difference besides appearance is obviously in how they open. Because sliding replacement windows slide from side to side, they’re easier to open and close for many people. This is especially true for windows over the kitchen sink, book shelves or other harder to reach places. It’s also a reason homeowners love sliding windows.

Another difference is that a sliding window provides a more unobstructed view. One of the most popular places for sliding windows is when a homeowner wants to replace a picture window with something that opens. A sliding window lets you keep the view while having the option to open the window.

What’s the Better Option?

Sliding replacement windows are a great option when the width of the window opening is greater than the height. If the opening is too narrow, you won’t really get much air flow when the window is open. If you know you don’t want a single or double hung window and have many narrow window openings, consider a casement window.

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