Both types of windows come in many different styles with different features. However, they have a different purpose. There are four times when a new construction window is the right application. If yours isn’t one of these four, you need replacement windows.

1.      You’re Building a New Home

With new construction comes new windows. No matter what style widow, a new construction window is the best option. They are cheaper than the same energy rating and style than replacement windows.

2.      For an Addition on Your Home

Because an addition is essentially new construction, the most cost-effective solution is a new construction window. The only exception is if your addition is going into a space that is already constructed and you’re just adding a window.

3.      Extreme Damage

Water damage and cracked foundation are two examples that may warrant a new construction window rather than a replacement window. When the wall area has to be re-built down to the studs, a new construction window is a better option.

4.      When You’re Replacing both Windows and Siding

The reason replacement windows exist is so that the siding material on your home doesn’t have to be removed and re-installed. However, if you’re taking your siding off and replacing it, that is the best time to consider new windows. You’ll save money because new construction windows are cheaper than replacement windows.

What is the Difference?

The difference between a new construction window and a replacement window is something called the nailing fin (or nail fin). The nail fin can be attached to the window frame before siding. A replacement window is measured for the existing frame to fit inside. That’s why virtually all replacement windows are custom. You’ll notice that replacement windows are more expensive than new construction ones but if you work in the labor costs of removing and re-installing the siding, replacement windows end up being cheaper if new siding isn’t on your agenda at the same time.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems installed both replacement and new construction windows as well as siding replacement. We offer several brands of both options which come in many different styles, colors, and energy rating levels. If you’re a builder, architect, or homeowner we’ll happily work with you to find the right window for your situation. Call (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form for your free, no obligation estimate.

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