Accidents happen. Balls, rocks, errant broom handles, tree branches, and blowing storm debris all break window panes. Closing a window too hard can cause the mechanisms inside the window to break making it hard to open or not stay open. There are many reasons our windows break but most have to do with age or accidents. If your window is broken, here are some things you can do until you call your window company.

Dealing with Broken Window Panes

If the reason for the break was storm damage or something else that will merit an insurance claim, contact your agent about the damage before your window company. If they are not immediately available and you need to start the cleanup, take a photo from the inside and outside before starting your work. If your home was burglarized, don’t touch the window until the police are finished with their investigation. For a window that is only cracked, taping over the cracks with duct or packing tape will help keep the window in place until your window company can come out to replace the panes. If there is a hole through the window, you’ll want to clean out all the glass.

First, find a pair of strong gloves to avoid cutting yourself. Next lay something on the floor inside and ground outside to catch the glass you’ll be removing. Next, try removing large shards of glass by hand. If the pieces don’t easily come out of the frame, you’ll need to further break it so that you don’t have any shards protruding that could cause injury. Once all the glass is removed and disposed of, you should cover your window opening. Plastic tarps taped to your molding are one solution. If you don’t have a tarp, a thick trash bag can do the trick. If wet or cold weather is approaching, you may want to do a layer on the outside of your home and on the inside. If the opening is particularly large, consider using ½” plywood to cover it.

Broken Mechanics

Sometimes the age of our windows causes issues that are frustrating but don’t leave your home open to the elements. Cheap windows used during the building boom have several  fail points. The most common prevents the window from opening easily or staying up. This repair requires taking the window apart and replacing internal mechanics and differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Other issues are with locks, brittle plastic in the frame, and the latches securing single hung windows. Some may just be an inconvenience while others are dangerous. Depending on your situation, you may need to replace the window or have a professional window repair company work on it.

Just because you have a broken window pane, you don’t always need new windows. If you have many windows with broken mechanics, you may want to consider replacement windows. The experts at Affordable Replacement Windows Systems are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the best replacement windows for your home and budget. Call (817) 264-6509 to schedule your appointment today.

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