The weather the past few months has been great. You may not have thought much about your old, drafty and inefficient windows. However, now that the days are much cooler and the nights are cold, it may be time to call a replacement window company. Here are some signs that its time to call today.

1.     You Keep Adjusting the Heat

When you continually adjust the heat based on the room or rooms that you’re in, it usually means that you have one of two issues. Either your HVAC system isn’t properly balanced or you have drafty windows. The easiest way to tell is if you sit near the windows on a cold or breezy day and feel the outside temperatures the closer to the window you are, the more likely the issue is the window itself.

2.     Your Windows Don’t Open or Close Properly

One of the common issues with old wood windows is that people paint them over and over again to the point where they no longer open. Sometimes the opening and closing mechanism in vinyl and aluminum windows break which makes it impossible to keep them open. If yours aren’t working properly, you should call your replacement window company today as either of those situations can be dangerous.

3.     You Wish Your Home Had Some Curb Appeal

Although you may not realize it, your windows do contribute to your home’s curb appeal. The right color and style can make a big impact your home’s exterior. Plus, many replacement window companies also offer siding installation. Doing them at the same time can actually save you versus doing them separately.

4.     Most of Your Neighbors Already Replaced Theirs

We’re not suggesting you “keep up with the Jones’” but, if you’re the only home in your neighborhood with the original construction windows, there’s probably a reason. Most likely the existing windows aren’t energy efficient and your neighbors already figured that out. Ask one of them if they are happy with their new windows.

If you realize it’s time to stop putting off the simple phone call to a replacement window company, pick up your phone. Affordable Replacement Window Systems is local and we don’t even need to come in your home to provide you with a free quote for new windows. Reach us today by calling or texting (817) 264-6509 or filling out our contact form.

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