Happily, few people undergo the window replacement process more than once in their lives. However, because of this, we find that many homeowners ask the same questions. Today we’re answering some of the more frequently asked questions. Of course, if we’ve missed one you have, we’re happy to answer them, just give us a call and ask!

1.      Do I Need to Be Home Throughout the Process?

We do recommend that you are home throughout the entire window replacement process. Although we know and background check our workers, we will be in and out of your home all day. We may have questions for you or need to discuss something we found when we remove your old windows.

2.      What Preparations Should I Make Before You Arrive?

It’s helpful when you move your valuables away from the window replacement area. That includes taking any wall hangings down. We also need you to move furniture (inside and outside) away from the window openings. Blinds and curtains should also be removed from the windows prior to our arrival. Lastly, if you have any breakables in the entry or walkways where we’ll be coming in and out with the new windows, you might want to move them for safety.

3.      Who Cleans Up?

We will remove all your windows and take them with us. We’ll also clean up the area around the windows. As we come in and out of your home, we’ll take care to wipe our feet to avoid tracking in dirt. Because we’re removing and replacing molding and windows, we’re going to stir up some construction dust. That dust will settle in the days after the window replacement. You will want to plan on dusting and vacuuming again a day or so after we leave.

4.      What About My Pets?

Window replacement isn’t a silent task. If your pets have anxiety from strangers, loud noises, or are runners, you want to keep them contained. Remember, we’ll be in and out of your house all day and although we’ll keep your door closed, there will be times that the window openings are vacant for several minutes. We don’t want your dog (or cat) letting themselves out through the opening.

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