If you regularly read our blogs, you’ve probably seen a few mentions of black replacement windows. They are a hot trend right now for both new construction homes and families remodeling and replacing windows. However, black isn’t the only color replacement window available. In fact, most manufacturers have moved beyond the old standard of white and some version of beige. Here are some facts about colored vinyl replacement windows.

Quality Colored Vinyl Windows Fade Very Little

If you’ve ever cut open anything that’s vinyl, you probably notice that the color goes all the way through. The color of your vinyl replacement windows is part of the vinyl itself. It’s not painted on so it won’t scratch off and fades very little. Something to remember, just like a t-shirt on a hot summer day, a darker window frame will absorb more heat than a light one. However, vinyl replacement windows don’t have as much heat transference as aluminum windows.

Endless Color Options Including Black Replacement Windows

About a third of the calls we’re getting now ask about black replacement windows, which we do offer. However, of those, we often end up sharing other color options and about half the time the customer does not choose black. It’s a great option for many homes, but not every home. Some manufacturers offer custom color match. This allows a homeowner to match trim or something else on their home perfectly.

Single or Dual-Colored

There was a time that no matter what color vinyl windows you bought, they were the same inside and out. Some manufacturers now offer vinyl windows that are one color on the outside and a different color inside. Standard options tend to have more exterior colors. Interior colors tend to be more limited and include white, tan, ivory, black, and sometimes brown. If you have a specific color scheme, talk to your replacement window company about what you want and they can guide you to a brand or line from a manufacturer with the options you want.

We Can Help

We offer several manufacturer’s products all with a wide variety of frame and sash colors including black replacement windows. Some of the manufacturers we work with offer custom colors in some of their lines. Reach out to Affordable Replacement Window Systems for your free consultation and quote today. We can be reached by calling or texting (817) 264-6509. You can also chat online or fill out our contact form.

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