We all know that the primary purpose of our windows is to let in light and keep out the elements. Sometimes we want them to let fresh air in. As your windows age, they may not do their as well. That’s when you begin to look at replacement windows in Arlington, TX. Not only do you want to find the right window company, but also the right type of window. That means two different things; the window material and how the window functions.

Window Material

We’re going to assume that you’re only looking at windows with an ENERGY STAR for the Arlington/Dallas/Fort Worth area and focus on the differences in materials. By far, the most popular replacement windows in Arlington, TX today are vinyl windows. That’s because they’re durable, long-lasting and affordable. Plus, they come in a variety of colors, including custom color options from certain manufacturers.

Aluminum windows are another option. If you have aluminum and think you don’t want that again because of the oxidation or how they feel hot to the touch, you may want to think again. Today’s quality aluminum frame windows have insulated frames which mean that they don’t have the heat transference your current windows may.

The other option we sometimes recommend are clad windows. This means they have vinyl or aluminum on the outside over the wood frame. This removes the hassle of painting or staining the exterior wood while providing the authentic look that a wood window provides. Clad windows in Arlington are most often found in historical homes and upscale homes.

Window Style

We offer a variety of window styles, all of which have different pros and cons. The three most common are:

  • Double-hung as they allow the windows to open from the bottom up or the top down and tilt in for easy cleaning.
  • Casement which open on one side using a hand crank. They seal the tightest and are the most energy efficient opening window style.
  • Sliding windows which have grown in popularity but only work in wide window openings.

Single hung windows continue to be an option but because of the limitations and the small difference in price between a single and double hung, most people looking at new windows in Arlington, TX choose double hung over single hung if they want a traditional looking window.

Of course, if you don’t want or need the window to open, a picture window is a great option for letting in light and providing a great view. Combine a few casement or single or double hung windows and a picture window and you can create a bay or bow window.

No Matter What Windows You’re Considering, We Can Help

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